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"Healthcare-IT is causing a paradigm shift in Healthcare Business Strategy"

Knowledge capitalists for healthcare stakeholders

As a trusted, long-term partner, TG works side by side with our healthcare clients, offering expert, objective advice to help solve their most important and complex problems.

Our approach to management and technology consulting combines deep healthcare expertise with strong capabilities in strategy, operations, technology and overall performance management. Leveraging our expertise, TG anticipates, identifies and addresses our customer's specific needs.

TG is a committed consulting partner across the Healthcare stakeholders including private sector, public health and the communities around us, in India and globaly. TG offers portfolio of consulting services such as:
  • HOSPITAL IT AND HEALTHCARE IT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: eHealth, HIS, EMR, Cerner, Cache, Mumps, VistA, HIE, HL7, CPOE, Public Health IT, FDA, CSV, 21 CFR part 11, CDISC, Bioinformatics
  • HEALTHCARE PROCESS OPTIMIZATION: Building next generation practices and Streamlining healthcare processes through optimization methodologies TG Consultants specialise in Healthcare Process Optimization - NABH, JCAHO, Clinical Transformation, Change Management.
  • HEALTHCARE PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: TG Consultants specialise in Healthcare Project Management. Demonstrated ability to setup PMO to oversee starting and running of new business units, SEI-CMMI Level5, PMBOK, Business Analysis, UML, Visio, SWOT analysis, Gap analysis.
  • GREEN FIELD HOSPITAL PLANNING: TG Consultants specialise in Healthcare Facility Design.
  • HEALTHCARE INVESTMENTS PORTFOLIO: Defining market entry and growth strategies. Rationalizing and maximizing healthcare investment portfolios.
  • HEALTHCARE EDUCATION: Healthcare Human Resource Capacity Building


Providing Technology Evaluations and Deployment Strategies
Choosing the right technology platform for a healthcare organization is a truly complex decision. The multivariate environment, unique culture associated with each healthcare organization and the high-touch, inherently 'computer-phobic' nature of the typical healthcare end user, presents a nightmare scenario to organizations and their senior managements. TG brings to the table a truly different approach to technology evaluations and associated decision making as well as global experience based, proprietary implementation frameworks and methodologies that takes the pain out of the process of implementing IT systems in healthcare organizations. We believe we are truly unique in our approach to this vexing industry issue!

Leading Clinical Transformation using Technology
We consider IT as a change agent for clinical transformation. IT is an enabler for empowering people, optimizing processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Implementing IT in a healthcare organization is never easy. There is no perfect HIS/EMR. Therefore it requires a lot of planning, training and willingness to implement, adapt and adopt HIS/EMR systems. We apply our clinical knowledge and management experience to work closely with the clinical departments within healthcare organizations to effect clinical transformation.

Boot-Strapping Healthcare Organisation Change Management
We follow our proprietary CAUSE Methodology for managing change in people, process and technology. This has emerged out of our collective experience of managing change in healthcare organisations.
  • Consciousness of need to change
  • Aspiration to support change
  • Understanding how to change
  • Strength to over come hurdles and implement change
  • Ecosystem to support, sustain and adopt change


Building Next Generation Practices
Implementing standards frameworks and building the next level of best practices for Healthcare, IT and Quality. We have deep domain expertise in standards and best practices in the above said areas.

Streamlining Healthcare Processes through Optimization Methodologies
Healthcare processes are fraught with inefficiencies and waste. Usually this is an optimization problem, yet not amenable to standard 'ERP based' optimization techniques used in other industries. Healthcare as an industry, is extraordinarily different, and process optimization here requires unique and industry specific approaches. We apply our vast experience to bring to the table, individually customizable, healthcare specific, optimization frameworks that will truly achieve this goal. In our past experiences we have unlocked extraordinary value from within healthcare organizations through process optimization across the enterprise - combining and cross-sectioning material management, administration, clinical, pharmacy, labs etc.

Deploying Healthcare Service Innovation Strategies
The culture of innovation has to be nurtured in every organization. Organization culture follows the 5-monkey theory. Organizations not designed for innovation will not be able to be truly creative in their service to patients. We work with our clients to select and deploy incremental and/or abrupt innovative improvements that measurably enhance the organization's processes and technologies. These improvements support the organization's quality, process-performance and business objectives.


Setup Program Management Office
TG Consultants specialise in Healthcare Project Management. Demonstrated ability to setup PMO to oversee starting and running of new business units. This includes planning, monitoring, evaluation and control. PMO has the task of setting up the internal Governance process. PMO will report weekly, monthly and quarterly to the Executive Council.

Executing Quantitative Program Management
Healthcare organizations have a lot of moving parts. It is usually not possible to halt even a single area to correct an error or build something new. Healthcare organizations are unique and require tailored program management techniques. We work with our clients to help them quantitatively manage their programs to achieve the program's established quality and process performance objectives.

Analyzing Root Causes and Risk Management Approaches
Root Causes are usually elusive and in healthcare they can be extremely so. Multifactorial and multivariate root cause analysis is therefore a critical need in risk management of any healthcare venture. We work with our clients to identify causes and risks associated with selected desired outcomes/goals and suggest and take action to achieve these through proprietary Root Cause Analysis and risk management approaches.

Decision Support for C-Level
CxO decision making has to be rapid and precise. We work with our customer CxO office to analyze the decision making process and define actual decision making needs using a formal evaluation process that evaluates identified alternatives against established criteria. We apply our decision analysis tools to make the decision making process scientific and auditable.


Planning new Hospital and Healthcare facilities
TG offers unique combination of healthcare, management and IT for hospital planning. TG designs the hospitals from people, process and technology perspective. TG has a top down approach; we start from the vision of the promoters. TG will work with promoters to select the architects and builders. TG will build Governance structure to monitor the progress as per Roles and Responsibilities. TG will apply its force multiplier framework - holistic healthcare, medical value travel, medical education and research.


Defining Market Entry and Growth Strategies
As the global healthcare industry expands dramatically over the next 2 decades, particularly in the developing economies; significant investments are expected to flow into this sector in these regions i.e Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America. With our global experience in healthcare, we work with prospective seed investors, growth investors and pre-IPO investments to accelerate their Return on Investments through our proprietary 'Force Multiplier' framework.

Rationalizing and Maximizing Healthcare Investment portfolios
Multiple investments in healthcare across multiple sectors that work in different directions is often the norm for healthcare investors, who struggle to leverage the full value of their investments into a truly collaborative and symbiotic framework. Our credentials, experience and industry links has helped us form a proprietary multi-party arbitration and coordination strategy that is a must-have for any healthcare investment equity player that manages multiple healthcare investments across the provider, payer, technology, pharma and biotech sectors and wishes to derive maximum value from these.


Healthcare Human Resource Capacity Building
India is on the edge of a Healthcare Human Resource crisis across public sector and private sector. Though credible data isnt available, but atleast 50% of the Nursing and Auxiliary medical staff jobs are vacant. Number of doctors is short of target by 76%, specialist doctors are short by 88%, there are 53% fewer nurses, Radiographers are short by 85% and laboratory technicians are short by 80%. TG is committed to building credible courses for Medical, Nursing and Auxiliary medical staff delivered through eLearning and Multi-media route to be able to reach deep inside semi-urban and rural parts of India.


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