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"Healthcare-IT is causing a paradigm shift in Healthcare Business Strategy"
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TG believes in a Partner Ecosystem based on trust and integrity

TG is striving to build an ecosystem of partners that includes consulting companies, healthcare providers, companies in healthcare insurance, biotechnology and life sciences, medical devices organization and pharmaceutical institutions. TG treats all its customers as valuable partners. TG approach is to inject knowledge capital into our partners and in the process also enrich our own experiences. It is a mutually symbiotic relationship that thrives in an environment of trust and integrity.

TG is working on India's Digital Health Transformation
TG was engaged from the backend to act as a catalyst to support the transformation of India's Digital Health Ecosystem. TG had 3 Digital Health Transformation tasks - NDHB standards and related building blocks, drumming up the support for creation of NDHM/ABDM and setting the stage for India's Digital Health Ecosystem NDHE. Together with the Digital Health Community, we have delivered NDHB, Building blocks design and ABDM. TG has put the seed crystal for NDHE to cystalize. The 3 year grant has come to an end on 31st October. TG wishes to Thank the Digital Health community for all the support in these 3 years. TG will carry forward the task of building the NDHE together with NHA, PMJAY, ABHIM, ABDM, CDSCO, Academia and Market.

TG has done HealthTech Product Management for 3737 NORTH Capital Venture Fund
TG worked for 3737 North Capital as a Board Observer for their invested HealthTech Start-Up. Responsible for Product Management as a Product Consultant.

TG has done RIS/PACS and TeleRadiology Solution Design for Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute [RGCI]
TG was engaged by RGCI for its Radiology Department RIS/PACS and TeleRadiology Strategy and Solutions Design. This includes current state analysis, process optimization, Solution RFP, Vendor selection and Program management Unit for Implementation.

TG has done Hospital Strategy Consulting for Saudi Arabia KSA
TG has done extensive strategy consulting for urban healthcare in KSA through Arthur D. Little. Building Design, IT, Clinical Transformation for 2 large JCI Accredited Groups of Hospitals in KSA Saudi. The 3rd largest Hospital chain in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, acting on our advice saved $25 Million by contract renegotiations for hospital expansion and building new facilities. The Hospital chain in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, engaged TG as an Advisor for critical decisions on HIS/EMR upgradation and change management.

TG has partnered with Fiset Hospiconsult Inc. for Hospital Planning
TG has partnered with Fiset Hospiconsult Inc. from Canada for healthcare facilities programming and planning consultancy including - IT planning, people and process planning, healthcare functional infrastructure planning, NABH/JCI standards consulting and overall program management. The objective is to bring the healthcare facilities programming and planning standards and become the change in hospital planning paradigm in India.

NIN Pubic Healthcare Facility Registry for India
Wrote the National Identification Number for Public Healthcare Facilities in India. This was a Public Healthcare Facility Registry project done for MoHFW, Govt of India. Cleaned up and validated the records for 200K Public Healthcare facilities in India.

HealthTech Product Management for Seiler Holding AG Zurich
RoI Consulting for Seiler Holding AG, Advisor for mHealth Product Design, CMIO for Promed HealthTech Start-Up

TG has been working in Public Health IT
TG has played an advisory role with national health systems resource center [NHSRC] Govt of India in public health IT space. Majority of TG's national eHealth architecture recommendations given as part of the public health IT study report done with NHSRC, have been adopted in the report of planning commission's steering committee on Health. TG is now acting as the Consulting team for the MDDS Health Domain Standards Committee under MoHFW GoI. TG has defined the first ever Healthcare-IT meta data and data [Draft] standards for India.

TG has worked with NH, a cardiac hospital in Bengaluru
TG has worked on Clinical process transformation and IT innovations with NH, a famous cardiac Hospital in Bengaluru [NH has been awarded as the world's 2nd most innovative healthcare company].

TG is working as Healthcare Consultant for Norwest Venture Partners [NVP], a US based PE [~ $4B fund]
TG has worked as Healthcare Consultants with NVP in India, in terms of due diligence, strategy consulting and project management.

TG has worked as IT and Process Consultant for NationWide, a chain of primary care clinics
TG has worked as IT and Process Consultants for NationWide, a chain of primary care clinics, that have a traget to rapidly spread across India.

TG has worked as Strategy Consultant for Attune cloud based HIS/LIS product
TG has worked as Product Management and Strategy Consultants for Attune cloud based HIS/LIS product company. Cloud based HIS/LIS on the Opex model is disruptive and has game changing potential to wipe out the traditional client-server Capex model. TG also participated in Product Management for Bluecap EMR that was later merged into Attune portfolio. The same EMR further evolved into one of the well known Cloud EMR pioneers in the market.

TG is a pioneer in Digital Health and Healthcare Management Education
Dr Gupta has been on the academic advisory board of international institute of healthcare management and research [IIHMR] Delhi and is a visiting faculty to Apollo Medvarsity and Chitkara University. This includes curriculum design, and teaching on Physical, Online and Phygital mode. This also includes supporting Entrepreneurships, Internships and mentoring Masters and PhD students.


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