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"Healthcare-IT is causing a paradigm shift in Healthcare Business Strategy"

‘Healthcare-IT Strategy Blog’ – written by Dr Gupta

Dr Gupta regularly writes his blog and the blog is a good reading for anyone who wants to stay current with his thought process and the happenings in the industry. Read Dr Pankaj Gupta's Blog

‘CPOE: The way Forward’ – paper presented at IIT Kharagpur, India

CPOE is seen by most renowned organizations worldwide as the answer to reducing medical errors by bringing in a major breakthrough in the area of patient safety. Decentralized and fragmented nature of healthcare delivery system has been the oft-cited problem that has contributed to medical errors. When patients see multiple providers in different settings, none of whom have access to complete information, it becomes easier for things to go wrong. Fully integrated Hospital IT infrastructure, EMR, and computer based data capture and data storage are pre-requisites for institutionalizing CPOE standards. Read Paper - CPOE: The way Forward

‘Emerging Healthcare Networks in India’

Many large private hospitals in India are slowly turning into large network of healthcare organizations. This network includes 'Treatment for Sickness' and the 'Wellness Industry'. At the heart of all these networks is mostly either a Pharma or a Insurance company. These healthcare networks seem to be pushing the single encounter-based medicine to a more holistic patient-based medicine by providing all the services in the network. This paper was published in MINI, journal of IAMI. Read Paper - Emerging Healthcare Networks in India

‘mHealth Can reduce the disease burden of Schools, Corporates and Public Health Agencies’

Healthcare has to leap frog the way India has done in telecom. Today India is the most economical and very technologicaly advanced in the telecom sector. The telecom industry did a few things right: Instant gratification, Low entry and exit barriers, Level playing field in a regulated environment. In my opinion, mHealth means connecting all the healthcare stakeholders using a mobile platform. This is best applied to chronic disease management and that too in a captive community like schools, large corporations etc. In this paper I have taken the example of a school to hi-light the use of mHealth and EHR for Chronic disease management. The same can be applied to employee base of corporations. Read Paper - mHealth Can reduce the disease burden

‘IHE, CPOE, The Twine Shall Meet for Healthcare’

True value of CPOE is realised when all the underlying data is integrated. Else the data silos prevents CPOE standards from delivering on patient safety. The paper tries to paint the picture of a platform that will integrate the underlying applications and enable CPOE. Read Paper - IHE, CPOE, The Twine Shall Meet for Healthcare

‘eHealth Cover Story’ – Dr Gupta's work in Max Healthcare

The Max Healthcare full ITO and Clinical Transformation was done by Dr Gupta while he was the P&L leader @ Perotsystems India. This was published extensively by the print media. eHealth magazine carried it as the cover story. This includes Mumps based Veteran Affairs' VistA electronic health record [EHR] implementation @ Max Healthcare. A plug-and-play environment was created for all the Max Hospitals by hosting the entire Application portfolio on a single data center and connected over a MPLS cloud. Read Publication - Max Healthcare IT Transformation

‘INNOVATION 2011, Bangalore, 26th Jan 2011’

Delivered a talk on Security and Privacy issues in eHealth. Read Paper - Security and Privacy issues in eHealth

‘HOSPIKON, Pune, 05 Feb 2011’

Delivered a talk on managing the chronic diseases the eHealth and mHealth way. Read Paper - chronic diseases management the eHealth and mHealth way

‘IIHMR, Delhi, 13th March 2011’

Delivered a talk on Evidence Based Medicine in Healthcare - Closing the Loop. Read Paper - Evidence Based Medicine

‘Lecture @ IMT, Nagpur, 01 July 2011’

Dr Gupta Delivered a talk on Why Health IT is Different. Read Paper - Healthcare IT is Different

‘Lecture @ GSS Conference, organised by IIHMR, Delhi, 16 July 2011’

Dr Gupta Delivered a talk on Healthcare Business Intelligence. Read Paper - Closing The Loop

‘Inputs to 12th Plan’

Dr Gupta is now playing an advisory role with national health systems resource center [NHSRC] Govt of India in public health IT space. Majority of TG's national eHealth architecture recommendations given as part of the public health IT study report done with NHSRC, have been adopted in the report of planning commission's steering committee on Health. Read Paper Online, Read Paper

‘Lecture @ Innovation in HR Information Systems Workshop, NHSRC, Delhi, 03 Feb 2012’

Dr Gupta Delivered a talk on need for Healthcare HR Registries e.g. Physician Registry, for reliable data interoperability. Read Paper - Healthcare HRIS

‘Presentation @ WITFOR, 17 April 2012 ’

Dr Gupta made a presentation @ the World IT Forum 2012 in New Delhi. Theme: Institutionalizing the use of ICT for better healthcare. Read Paper Online, Read Paper - World IT Forum 2012

‘Lecture @ IIHMR, Delhi, Oct 2012’

Dr Gupta Delivered a talk on - EMR selection and implementation challenges. Read Paper - EMR selection and implementation challenges

‘Presentation @ IQPC Health-IT Summit, Oct 2012’

Dr Gupta gave a lecture at the IQPC Health-IT Summit, Oct 2012. Theme: Utilising HI to improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Healthcare. CRM in Healthcare is different from elsewhere. CRM principles are to be applied to Healthcare in terms of - Outreach, Case Coordination and Chronic Disease Management.
Read the Conference Agenda Online,
Read Presentation - CRM in Healthcare, IQPC Health-IT Summit Oct 2012

‘Presentation @ eHealth Conference, Nov 2012’

Dr Gupta made a presentation @ the eHealth Conference, Nov 2012 in Hyderabad. Theme: eHealth & mHealth.
Listen Online,
Read Paper - eHealth Conference Nov 2012

‘Panel Discussion @ #HealthInnovation Summit, Dubai, Jan 2014’

Dr Gupta was in a panel discussion at the #HealthInnovation Summit, Dubai, Jan 2014. Theme: CRM in Healthcare patient to Physician or referral. Dr Gupta presented his point of view on CRM in Healthcare, which is different from other verticals. CRM principles are to be applied to Healthcare in terms of - Outreach, Case Coordination and Chronic Disease Management.

Dr Gupta also introduced the experiences of TG over the past 2-3 years. Dr Gupta presented a case study in which he and his team have written the meta data and data standards for MoHFW, Govt of India.

Read the Conference Agenda Online,
Read Presentation - CRM in Healthcare, #HealthInnovation Summit Jan 2014


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