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"Healthcare-IT is causing a paradigm shift in Healthcare Business Strategy"
Taurus Glocal Consulting
TG provides comprehensive, end to end, healthcare consulting services based upon your specific needs. TG addresses your clinical, financial and operational challenges. At TG we are healthcare management consultants for you. TG is a Digital enterprise with zero Asset, and no Physical offices since inception. TG has always worked completely on virtual mode through the cloud. TG has been highly scalable, nimble and distributed because of the opex business model. Whereas the world learnt the value of the virtual mode only in the pandemic!

"Wiring" the Indian Health Sector

We have been working on NDHB Digital Health Standards, Interoperability, FHIR, HIE, Health Claims Exchange, MVP Building blocks, NDHE Digital Health Ecosystem.
Key Projects Done!

  • PE/VC/Funds:
  • Working with a US based PE/VC Funds - HealthTech Advisor for Due Diligence and RoI Consulting.
  • Worked with a large US based PE fund, to advise on their Healthcare investments in India. The India fund size was approx $25 Million.
  • Worked with an German Angel fund as Product Design and Strategy consultant.
  • Hospitals/Clinics:
  • Building Design, IT, Clinical Transformation - large JCI Accredited Hospitals in KSA Saudi
  • The 3rd largest Hospital chain in Saudi Arabia, acting on our advice saved $25 Million by contract renegotiations for hospital expansion and building new facilities.
  • Outsourced the CMIO office from a group of super specialty and cardiac Hospitals, HQ in Bengaluru. Working on Clinical process and IT innovations.
  • Done IT Strategy consulting for a chain of primary care clinics. We were engaged by the PE/VC that funded $ 5 Million to the Clinic chain.
  • Consultant for defining and implementing the TeleRadiology solutions for RGCI
  • Public Health:
  • Public Health IT study done with NHSRC, to provide eHealth recommendations to 12th Plan.
  • Defined Metadata and Data Standards (MDDS). India's National Health Policy mandates federated national health information architecture and HIS to be based on MDDS.
  • National Identification Number for Healthcare facilities of India [NIN_HFI] project.
  • Definition and Implementation of NDHB Standards and MVP Building Blocks to build the NDHE Ecosystem.
  • Product Management:
  • Product Management Consulting for a cloud-based well-funded Healthcare-IT product company. We were engaged by the PE/VC that funded $ 5 Million to the product company.
  • Healthcare Products / Platforms Consulting with one of the Top 3 Indian IT services company.
  • Education: Defined the curriculum and regularly conduct classes for the HMIS Module for a few Healthcare Management Institutes.
  • Incubator: for new startups.

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